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When promoting a product or skill with photography, it may seem that any simple picture could do the job. However, to create distinctive, attention-grabbing images, hiring a professional commercial photographer can make an important impact on your sales and marketing efforts.

Commercial photographers specialize in taking pictures for marketing and advertising for use in brochures, on websites, and for other marketing materials. This may include a clean shot of the product, the product in use, or how the product is made. An experienced commercial photographer should have the understanding, skills, and artistic eye to make your product stand out from the huge array of services and merchandise available.

product photography

It’s always important to have an understanding of the clients’ needs and how they are planning to use the images. Do you need some straight-on, basic shots of the product?  Who is the audience? What is the culture of the company? Do you need formal shots or some more creative images? Although I’m sure to capture the basic shots when needed, in my work, I always try to find interesting and artistic representations, using unique composition techniques or lighting choices.

commercial photography

Even an iconic logo can be more intriguing at a different angle with the bright sky as contrast.

Target Exterior Photography

One of my passions is lighting, both natural and artificial, so I also always spend time looking at a project at different times of the day to see how the light and/or shadows play on the space or object. This shot is for the company that provides the flooring material, but who would have thought it could create such an amazing reflection?

Jacobs 1

Imagine the difference here when lighting is considered. A commercial building can look much more intriguing at dusk with a play on the lights of these trucks and the contrast of dark sky behind.

exterior photography

The way people are incorporated into an image can be typical or unique as well. The first shot below is appealing and will be used for marketing materials, but the second is far more interesting, with the colors and shadows causing the viewer to spend just a bit more time considering the image.

People in Commercial Photography

I also revel in the details of a project, or nuances as I call them.  These can be particularly interesting for marketing materials to show the literal elements of a product, but are also often used for some creative interest or contrast in a more formal marketing piece.

Commercial Details

And then there are just the truly artistic shots…a combination of the natural lines of the product with the angle and lighting I incorporate. I love taking these kinds of images for the pure beauty of them, but they can be particularly compelling in marketing materials as well.

Blue Duct

Promoting products with high quality commercial photography is an investment that can set your company apart. Not only do distinctive images reflect well on your product, but they also convey that your company values excellence. As a San Diego commercial photographer, I have worked with companies all over California and have also traveled across the country for a range of photo shoots. If you are looking to produce unique marketing materials for your company, I would welcome the opportunity to help you create artistic and impactful images of your product.

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