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Shooting commercial photography for large facilities is always a challenge. Finding the correct angles to shoot from and getting access to all the different locations can be very tricky and time consuming. When you have a facility that has private as well as public sections you can run into even bigger problems. Providing commercial photography in these situations can be one of the biggest challenges for a photographer.

We recently faced this challenge when providing commercial photography for Leo A Daly of the new City National Arena, home of the Las Vegas Golden Knights training facility in Summerlin, NV. Not only is this new arena home of the Golden Knights, it is also a practice rink for the UNLV hockey team, as well as a public rink that offers open skating and private lessons.

One of the biggest challenges we faced when shooting this arena was getting the best angles of the ice rink. After trying a few different shots from the ground, we decided it was best to use our drone over the rink to capture the best images. Needless to say the drone was not very happy with having to land on the slippery ice!

Another great challenge when shooting these types of facilities is capturing people in the space. It is very important to present a realistic representation of people enjoying the space while not taking away from the incredible architecture of the building.

Showcasing the facility’s different amenities can also be difficult. It can never be completely known when people will be arriving or when permission will be given for the areas needing to be photographed.  It takes a lot of coordination and help from staff to get the access that is needed to really capture all aspects of any given property.

Another great challenge with shooting commercial photography is correctly representing the flow of the space. This particular arena has two rinks with a restaurant high up between them. The restaurant offers patrons the ability to observe the events of either rink while staying nice and warm with a cold beer or delicious meal.

Capturing the flow of a space can be one of the most challenging parts of a shoot.  Images need to tell a story about the space. This particular angle shows not only the rink but the bleachers and restaurant in the background as well.

Restricted access facilities are always difficult and each one has its own unique obstacles.  Professional sports teams are among the most difficult for this very reason. Closed areas, such as the NHL locker rooms, are often kept very private and very rarely grant access to outside parties.

Capturing these highly restricted spaces is crucial for the client. A photographer is often given one chance to shoot these areas. Getting these images can often make or break an entire shoot and be the only opportunity for the client to get professional imagery.. It can also give the public a rare view into the crazy life of a hockey team!

Shooting commercial photography can be very difficult but extremely rewarding. Having  patience and taking the time to find the right angles and get access to all the different areas can truly pay off. A huge thanks to the team at City National Arena for allowing us to shoot their incredible facility and for all the help and support they provided in the process.

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